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Hanging SliderHanging Sliders is dedicated to the most current gaming and sports news. We take our role in providing you with the most up to date innovations, trades, prospects, and video game and sporting news. Maybe it’s just a desire to rekindle our childhood love for these things, but more than that – video games and sports are still a ton of fun regardless of age.

With so many advancements and innovations in the video game market, it can be tough to make heads or tails of what games people are playing, amazing technology growth, and understanding just what modern video game consoles are capable of doing.

Strictly limiting a video game system as a sole provider of video games would be highly inaccurate. Modern systems can provide an entertainment center for the entire family. Modern gaming systems can browse the internet, download a number of customized applications for the system, watch the latest movies and listen to new music releases, engage with communities around the world, or simply just escape into an alternate world for a little while.

Gone are the days of having to blow into a cartridge to get it to work, and there is really no confusion about how to hook up a system anymore. No more screwing an adapter into a cable box and hoping that it works. As simple as modern systems are to understand, it is almost overwhelming when a newer player sees just how much of a benefit having a gaming system can be.

Nothing says Spring is in the air like the sound of baseball on the radio. Simply hearing an announcers voice and the crack of the bat reminds us all that warmer weather is around the corner, and a summer of excitement awaits.

What was once America’s Pastime has become a game enjoyed around the world. There has never been this much talent in the game of baseball, and we’re not the only ones who have noticed. With so much going on in the world of sports, sometimes it is tough to get all the news on the single sport that you are interested in. Hanging Slider will keep you updated on all of the latest baseball news, scores, matchups, and trades from around the league and around the world.

We are in the business of fun and gaming; we look forward to you joining us!

As we are into gaming, here are some of our top sites for free gaming and sports information:

Along with baseball, we absolutely love casino gaming and betting.

Obviously, we would be remiss, if we didn’t include the Major League Baseball site.  This is a site that provides game times, team schedules and general information about baseball.  You can also follow spring training Live and see how your players are gearing up for the season.

If you want a more extensive listing of game related topics, then please have a look at our gaming resource guide for more information.